Plaid Design Mezzuzah by Metalace

Plaid Design Mezzuzah by Metalace

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This handmade contemporary mezuzah case by Talila Abraham of Metalace, is inspired by the intricate patterns of lace fabrics and embroidery and captures the romantic feeling of handcrafted items while using advanced metal process technologies and materials. Each piece is individually processed and hand-treated for optimal shape and structure, leading to a unique and personal product. Adheres with self-stick backing, included.

Metalaceart is a contemporary design company offering a wide collection of lace metal objects that is unrivaled and unique. They create original handmade items designed, crafted and inspired from the world of lace fabrics and embroidery using advanced metal process technologies.

Their designs reflect the desire to preserve the special and personal touch that was an integral part of all handcrafted objects historically. Despite the use of industrial materials and technology, our product retains its authenticity due to the handmade process applied to each item. In the transition from the "language" and texture of textile fabric to the stiffness of stainless steel, they create an art form that that marries the old and the new.

Dimensions: 4.6" 0.8" 0.4"