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This game is one of a series of games that uses a dreidel in lieu of a dice and is themed for the Jewish holiday of Pesach or Passover. Each move taken and resource cards added to or taken from a common pool for any spin are related to the traditional Dreidel game. Movement can be modified by use of desert cards. That movement is round the six points of a star or magen David, and an action is associated with each space on the board.

Each time a player completes a cycle round the board, a plague is turned over which restricts actions in the game, and the game lasts until all ten plagues-- based on the traditional Jewish view of the plagues described in Shemot or Exodus-- have been played out. During the coarse of the game, players free slaves, but they also have to make matza with which to feed the freed slaves.

The winner is the player at the end of the gave who has the most freed slaves who also have a corresponding matza.