Design-a-Dreidels Kit
Design-a-Dreidels Kit
Design-a-Dreidels Kit
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Design-a-Dreidels Kit

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Dreidel Painting is a fun way to celebrate Chanukah and play the Dreidel game! Kids have a blast designing and decorating their Dreidels with the included paints and accessories.

Dimensions & Details


4.25" l x 1.00" w x 6.50" h
Full Header over Poly-Bag

0.15 lb

Facts & Features

  • Ideal Holiday Activity! Fun & Educational! Makes 2 Dreidels!

Care & Contents

  • 2 Wood Dreidels
  • 3 "Design-a-Dreidel" Paints (3g each) of blue, red, yellow.
  • 1 5 in. Paint Brush
  • 1 6g Silver Glitter Glue
  • 2 4 in. Blue Pipe Cleaners
  • Paint the first two sides and allow to dry (approx. 20 minutes). If paint is too thick, add 1-2 drops of water and mix thoroughly before painting.
  • Wash brush completely with water when changing paint colors.
  • Turn dreidel and paint remaining 2 sides. Allow to dry.
  • Use your imagination to decorate the dreidel using the glitter glue and pipe cleaners!
  • When painting is finished, wash brush well. Do not let paint dry on the brush.
  • If paint spills on clothes, wash at once. Once the paint has dried, it cannot be removed.