Chanukkah Candles
Chanukkah Candles
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Chanukkah Candles

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Create a beautifully warm atmosphere in your home this season with these Chanukah Premium candles. These pink candles represent the battle of breast cancer. Backed by the Sharsheret, a national not-for-profit organization supporting women and families facing breast and ovarian cancer at every stage - before, during, and after diagnosis.

Product Features:
Featuring the distinct qualities of organic vegetable wax and the calm flame produced by pure cotton wicks
Candles burn bright for approximately 1 hour
Candles are made from renewable resources and hand-dipped by skilled artisans
1/4" biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, petroleum-free and lead-free cotton trim wicks
45 candles enough for all 8 nights of Chanukah
Burns clean and bright for approximately one hour
Sized to fit most of the menorahs
Recommended for the indoor use only

Dimensions: 5" high x 0.25" diameter
Material(s): organic and vegetable waxes

Pack includes 45 of the candles shown